The internet, coding and internet bullying.

46.1 % of people in the world (3,424,971,237) have an internet connection, since the beginning it has changed everything. The internet has changed our day to day live immensely. It has given us a nearly infinite amount of communication opportunities, it presents us with ways of communication with people all around the world. People we would have never met or pictures we would have never seen or even taken ourselves. It has given us a way to open up to the world, but making our own smaller and smaller.

The negative is that there are now lives liven through screens, it presents a continuing security thread to our day to day life. Mostly because of how we post all our content but also for prying eyes.

We are also presented with all this information and it gets hard separating what we need and want vs what we get. Every image we can think of lies at our fingertips, and with this comes great self-control. Humans are nosy in nature and it can lead to seeing things we do not want to see (beheadings, torture etc.). And even though these things are present day problems, it does not mean we should see them. It has become a place for predators to hunt for our children, but luckily we can also defend our self against injustices, people can no longer do certain crimes and walk away thinking that it will have no consequence.

Modern day activism has found its way online and it can be a powerful machine while at the same time be a breeding place for trolls that drive people insane, and in extreme cases such as that of Amanda Todd it can even be reason or at least part of the reason to take ones own life. Its therefore our own but also the creators of content, sites, etc. responsibility to try and make the internet a better place yet again.

Learning to code, means learning how these machines work. It presents us with a way of talking to them understanding these machines we so religiously use from day to day. And it can make us more effective, and help us automate all those little tedious things we have to do every-so-often. It also presents us with the great responsibility when we do create things for large body’s of people to while still respecting freedom of expression making sure that people can not be bullied to these insane extends as they are now. We do not take this responsibility serious enough and often it leads to extreme cases such as that aforementioned Amanda Todd, or things like GamerGate where a woman (Zoe Quin) got bullied to such an extend that she had to move for her own safety. But she had the power to strike back and she did, she went against her attackers and started a safe haven for victims of internet bullying. And while I do not agree with her or her partner on anything it’s of vital importance that these networks keep getting build (

I am all for freedom of expression, and even for trolling because it can be a powerful weapon and sometimes downright funny. But it stops at personal attacks or threats. luckily there is a shift of consciousness. With that lies the danger that we overshoot our goal and start to over censor everything. only the future will show and tell us what will happen.




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